Niket Nilay

Job function
Technical Lead
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since May 2018, Niket Nilay's postings have been viewed 56 times on IT Central Station.

· Splunk Trust Most Valued Player 2018
· Splunk Certified User, Splunk Certified Power User, Splunk Certified Admin
· Splunk Accredited Sales Rep I & II, Splunk Accredited IT & App Sales Rep, Splunk Accredited Sales Engineer I, II & III
· Among Top 15 all-time contributors to Splunk Answers worldwide:;sort=karma
· Mentor for Splunk Jump Start, Advanced Workshops and Splunk Certification
· Splunk Wiki Talks:
· Waterfall Custom Visualization App published on Splunkbase:
· Regular feedback for Splunk Documentation correction and updates

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