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Almost 2 years ago
From what I know and have read, maybe looking at Camunda BPM would really make sense. I have not worked with microservices in Camunda but just used it for a quick project three years ago. In the meantime, they have developed the platform quite nicely, and claim they…
Over 4 years ago
Of course, but education is a whole other area that needs big disruption world wide. :) The world has changed a lot in the past 50 years, but the education is still often creating narrow minded/competent, single function/position oriented employees and workers.
Over 4 years ago
HI Orlee, a very simple answer is: support from the top Management of the company. Starting from the CEO and the Board. Without this, the whole thing usually fails. It's just a matter of time. 5-10-15 years. If the top of the company is mature enough to see the real value of…
Over 4 years ago
Great review Guillermo. ARIS has of course some drawbacks, like any other tool, but if used properly with good expectation management and a clear vision, it's a really great tool!

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