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@Nilesh Pawar updated the working URL's - hope this helps !! 
9 months ago
Good question and a very easy answer. Please find the below links it should help you to get good product comparison of UiPath vs Automation Anywhere vs BluePrism - Product Feature Comparison: - Product…
9 months ago
Easy Integration and out of the box available Pre-build Adapters/connectors for SaaS and On-Pre Applications. On-Prem Agent Integrations. Cost Flexibility.
9 months ago
UiPath : Product Training, Ease of implementation, Swift on-boarding of customer , Very Cost effective. Very Strong Product Roadmap with AI-ML, Cloud, Governance products like automation hub etc. And overall 5-star rating for UiPath Tech team, very innovative and the…
9 months ago
Start small and then excel it is important for the Organization to increase the awareness and literacy about RPA. 1. You will need to start with Task Automation in most of your initials automation. ( Don't think big to start or else you will end up with only discussion…
9 months ago
1. The UiPath Platform is very cheap compared to other platforms. 2. You can recover this cost in Months time if your discovery process is stronger :) 3. To start with UiPath Starter Pack you would end up only paying <= USD $32,000 annually. 4. Considering bare…
9 months ago
Please see a snapshot of my ROI & Automation Index Calculators. 1. Firstly you will have to assess each RPA case through a lens of Automation Index measuring key KPI - Automation Focus, Productivity, Quality, Cost, Process Optimization. 2. Please refer to this screenshot…
9 months ago
Good Question and Very Easy Answer :) Please find the below links it should help you to get good product comparison of UiPath vs Automation Anywhere vs BluePrism - Product Feature Comparison : -…
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UiPath Academy is the best and recommended one as its more persona-driven and covers all aspects of training, BA, Security, Architect, Developer, hands-on tutorials, assessment, and free certification, which is more than we ask for compared to other options. Overall, the…
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Currently the RPA is still limited to Human for designing the workflow, its not build smart enough to build and self heal itself. Processes related to Live Monitoring of Command Center ( Command and Control) example view real time Camera and taking actions. Taking…

About me

Nilesh is a Principal Solution Architect with 13+ years’ of IT experience with proficiency in delivering implementation & support projects using Fusion Middleware, RPA Automation & PaaS Cloud Product stack. He has been a Technical Subject Matter Expert (SME) during all phases of IT project execution that includes right from requirements gathering, assessment to implementation and adoption, he has been engaged with customers belonging mainly to Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Banking, Payment & Cards,Insurance domain, IT sector etc. He has abundant customer fronting experience being onsite @15+ countries primarily at USA, Europe, Asia- Pacific & Middle East.

He has comprehensive experience across Oracle Middleware solutions and Enterprise applications. He exhibits strong leadership and management skills whilst owning Digital Solution initiatives and presently leading and implementing the Digital Solutions across RPA UiPath,Oracle FMW technologies, PaaS, IaaS (Cloud) services across different domains and verticals.

✪ Cloud Based Solutions architecture & Designing, Sizing delivering POC's/Pilots & Projects.
✪ Design Thinking, Pre-sales Consulting, RFPs/RFIs/RFQs & Business Development in Europe, USA & Asia
✪ Expertise in EAI Maturity-Adoption Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap Consulting
✪ Best Practices, Process efficiency, Problem solving, Training & Technical Advisory.
✪ Technical delivery leadership, guidance & team management
✪ Strong On-site Client relationship skills & Excellent 5/5 CSI
✪ Excellent Product knowledge & relationship with Oracle Delegates.
✪ RPA UiPath, Oracle PaaS Cloud (Platform as a Service) – , SOACS, ICS, PCS, DOCS, IoT, MCS and more
✪ Oracle IaaS Cloud (Infrastructure as a Service) – OCI-Classic,OCI, C@C, Architecture, Governance.
✪ Oracle Fusion Middleware – SOA Suite , BPM Suite, OSB, SX, B2B .etc
✪ A Time Traveler with a Focus on Turning Challenges into Opportunities & Solutions.

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