Oscar Wijsman

Job function
Sr Manager & Management Consultant
Years of experience
10+ years

Oscar Wijsman (1960) is an all-round senior manager, project / program manager and management consultant. Close to 30 years of experience in dozens of profit and not for profit organisations result in a thorough knowledge and a deep insight ranging from defining strategic goals up to implementations of large, complex and business critical applications, systems and processes.

I always look ahead and have often been disruptive but with a clear goal. My main driver is innovation that can be implemented: change and make things better. A strong involvement in the business processes of my clients, the desire to work in an honest and pleasant way to improve organizations and make people function much better are cornerstones of my company’s philosophy and success.

Many assignments concern finding and managing practical solutions for complex issues that deal with setting up (new) business, product development, ICT enhancements, changing organizations, multi-disciplinary partnerships and innovations to be implemented.

Oscar Wijsman is actively involved in big data analytics, data driven innovation, smart city concepts, high speed broadband, mobile, social & new media and healthcare crossover innovations in The Netherlands.

Specialisms: Program management, project management, strategy, innovative ICT solutions, big data, broadband, interim management, new media, cross media, change management, process improvement, business development, new business, start-ups, complex ICT implementations, public private partnerships.

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