Pablo Castro

Job function
Technical Sales Advisor/Deploy Agent
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Jan 2016, Pablo Castro's postings have been viewed 255 times on IT Central Station.

I am a IT administrator , also I am Microsoft Certificate Professional to windows 2003 server
my experience include 19 years of experience , from Windows for Works group to NT server win 95 network novell linux redhat 5 ...etc etc
also have many course to CCNA , I workin with so much enterprises , like AMCOR rigis, plastics, TECNASA,
MOBIL MONEY, on many areas like support agent , remote support desktop, server administrator, Back up agent , and more recently like Agent sales freelance to Acronis , Sophos Cyberoam , and Trustport , I contact with the client and make the sale ,and deploy the solution , many people here have strong experience
my experience is midle level but I hope contribute to IT CENTRAL STATION.

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