Automated IPEDS HR reporting, taking the time required

Project Description

Automated IPEDS HR reporting, taking the time required from 7 weeks to 7 hours.  Created a table storing all values to answer the governments questions regarding University staff and faculty.  IPEDS is similar in detail and scope to HEDIS reporting in healthcare.  Wrote procedures to harvest, standardize and aggregate data to load into warehouse table from ERP.  Gave the HR dept tools by which they could evaluate the results to produce the reporting.

Lessons Learned

Next time, will break down the results into dim and fact tables.  This will be part of a beginning effort to create a datamart or extend an existing warehouse with HR analytical objects.


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
steep learning curve
hard to meet schedule

Technologies Used

  • Bismarck46.8083-100.784
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