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Sr. Consultant
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10,001+ Employees
Tech Services Company
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5-10 years
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• An articulate B.Tech in Information Technology with +6 years of IT experience in handling
various Infrastructure Monitoring, Management and Automation Tools
• Currently working as Sr. Consultant for EMS/NMS Tools with Capgemini
• Experience in Architecture, Designing and Onboarding of all below NMS/EMS Tools
 Solarwinds - NPM, NCM, NTA, IPAM, VNQM & SAM
 Zenoss Service Dynamics 5.xx
 HP OpenView NNMi 10.XX & 9.XX and its iSPI's
 HP Site Scope 11.3x
 BMC BladeLogic Network Automation ( 8.XX)
 Manage Engine Tools - OP Manager & Application Manager
• Extensive knowledge on Science Logic EM7
• Extensive knowledge of Monitoring Protocols like SNMP, SSH, WMI, WinRM, ICMP, SCP,
HTTPS and Telnet
• Extensive knowledge on Events Auto Ticketing Mechanism with Service Now (SNOW)
• Good knowledge of IBM-Tivoli Netcool/Omnibus and Impact for Event Automation
• Good knowledge of HP Site Scope 10.xx & Operations Manager Windows 9.0
• Good understanding of MS SQL Server, Virtualization Technologies (VM Ware ESXi &
vCenter), Windows & Linux Servers
• Ability and Interest in learning and incorporating new technologies.
• Getting consistent positive feedback and various appreciations from Projects Leads and