Digital Innovator Transforms Pharmaceutical Supply Chain With Robotic

Project Description


Ascent is a digital-first company, leveraging artificial intelligence and automation throughout its business processes and running critical applications in the AWS cloud. At its founding, the company relied on public internet to connect its warehouses and head office to the cloud. However, frequent link failures caused business disruption, with the public network lacking sufficient performance, resilience, and stability to support the company’s critical role in the pharmaceutical supply chain.


After consulting with Silver Peak partner, Hararei, and evaluating a number of SD-WAN vendors, Ascent deployed the EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform at all its warehouses and head office, terminated with dual, bonded broadband circuits and connected to the AWS cloud via a VPC transit gateway. Ascent relies on Boost WAN optimization to accelerate critical applications such as ERP and order processing, leveraging business intent overlays configured through Orchestrator to ensure optimal network resources for each type of application.


  • > Supports digital-first business, enabling Ascent to maintain essential operations during the global pandemic
  • > Ensures efficient, stable connectivity from remote warehouses to critical business applications running in the AWS cloud
  • > Enabled adoption of robotic process automation, increasing order processing speed 10X
  • > Reduces application data up to 95 percent with Boost, elevating quality of experience for remote users
  • > Delivers 100 percent uptime to ensure availability of critical pharmaceutical distribution processes reaching seven million Indian citizens daily


ahead of schedule
under budget
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steep learning curve

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Networking
  • SD WAN
  • Project Management

Technical Certifications Used

  • Silver Peak Sales eXpert (SSX)
  • Silver Peak Technical Sales Professional - SD

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