Honestly, I would have to say it is

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Honestly, I would have to say it is 'figuring things out on the fly,' so to speak. I am contracted to a private school by the company I work for. All the students have iPads, teachers have macbooks, and the staff has Windows desktop computers. There are three labs. Two with iMacs and one with Windows Computers. I am the only in house IT Person working here. During the school year, I also train/teach students that want to be in the computer technology field in the future. I manage the iPads using FileWave, and Mobile Device Manager. I manage the domain, users on it, groups,etc. I set up the emails for new students using the google for education. I manage the firewall, etc. These are just a few of my daily duties. There are also things that I do that people request. These are anything from having guest speakers that need special accomidations, and special events that require the same. All in all, I would say I have a very challenging, busy, and fun job. I hope I am passing the same down to all the tech students I have. As I am a woman that has been in this field for over 20 years, I am encouraging the girls to get involved and have started to get more girl tech students. So far, I have been able to accomplish about every challenge that has has been given to me since I have been assigned here in 2014. The biggest thing I tell my 'techies' is the need to priorize. For example, don't fix the cut finger first when the house is on fire. Put the fire out first!, Use your resources, and have a sense of humor. Oh, and never pretend to know everything as you never will. The field is always changing and there is no way anyone can know it all. So I call this my biggest professional accomplishment. Especially the fact that the kids like how I teach them with patience, don't pretend to know everything, refer to them on some things, ipads, etc. I also treat the staff/faculty with respect. I truly think that is of utmost importance. I also let them know when I don't know something. But I do use my resources and always figure it. out. They have a lot of respect for that and I have been told they don't ever want me to quit here. So if I could pass something down with meaning to someone, it would be, yes, you need the knowledge, but how you treat your 'customers' is the most important thing. I understand if you do not publish this but thanks for letting me type it as I have never expressed how I feel about all of this before ..
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