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Supplier capable, supplier with methodology of implementation, user friendly, integration, training, human resources and key users, infrastructure, gaps, support, migration, adherence to the company business, support for BI tools, good level of problem solving and updates…
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The most obvious cost advantage of AWS is that it has literally zero setup costs ! Developing countries in Asia and Africa have difficulty use these services because of the internet links which are low-speed and very expensive. In this case , the cost to purchase hardware is…
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The best or good tool depends on your requirement. OTRS is a great option for ITSM If you want a good and low cost opensource self hosted help desk, please look this : Helpy - A modern, open-source, mobile-first Helpdesk alternative -

About me

I have been worked in the IT industry for 12+ years in diverse range of companies. Ultimately gaining experience in business plan with my startup project.
Currently, i work as IT specialist / IT Advisor ( consultant ) in Attorney General's Office ( government ) of Timor-Leste ( East Timor ) where provide and improve consulting services and Technical Advise mentoring for attorney general IT Staff. I am seek continuous improvement technical skills for team and management in the IT sector of the attorney and Minimization of TCO – Total Cost of Ownership.
Previously i worked in large SAP projects as an ABAP consultant and I am able to work independently as well as part of a team. Additionally i have experience as a team leader.
I like innovation and new ideas, so i presented pitch at SAP LABS BRAZIL, where introducing plan to Design HCM system with SAP HANA ( predictive analytics, big data and production management) to determine manpower allocation according with the demand of industries and others.

Key Specialties :
●Development and Scripting : ABAP, Docker, Bash, Python, Shell, PHP/Java Application enviroment deployment, version control system (GIT/SVN), tomcat.
●Virtualization / Cloud Computing Technologies: VMware, kvm, VMware ESX, VMware ESXi, Amazon AWS EC2, Citrix XenApp.
●Databases : PostgreSQL, Mysql, MongoDB.
●Enviroment : Legacy systems, Server management, networking, system Integration, system documentation, technical support, process enhancement, network administration, operating system, pilot implementation, remote systems access, systems acquisition, systems configuration, databases.
●Security : Firewalls, Appliances and Disaster Recovery.
●Management: Capacity building, client contractor relationships, customer services, support and management IT, agile methodologies (Scrum), team leadership and mentoring, Itil, management information systems, network management