Pedro Penteado

Job function
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Pedro penteado li?1414332807

_Tecnologie to Financial Market, Banking, Credit Risk, Complience, Credit Score, Fraud Prevention, e_comerce, DW, MyScore and Cadastral Information for decisions.
_Integration of electronic systems in enabling anti fraud information burreau, through the provision of IT services, developing the integration and maintenance of electronic systems for personal and commercial information from individuals and corporations, through their own proScore databases and 3rd others supliers.
_Being recognized as a solution and a decision tools to increase business and sales and revenues of companies associated with the system.
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Specialties: Specializes in processing non estruturing data information, from various sources, in order to develop customized solutions with a focus on the customer's business, such as queries for decision making, credit and collections, custom decision (neural score), treatment and enrichment of databases and other solutions targeted quality, safety and technological agility.

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