Per Hall

Job function
Senior Consultant
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
10+ years

*** ALERT DISCLAIMER -- Mass invitations sent by Linkedin without my consent ***

* Om du är någon jag faktiskt känner, så tacka gärna ja till inbjudan.
* Om du är någon jag inte vet hur linkedin skickade inbjudan till, läs nedan!

Sorry for all the connection emails sent out without my knowledge or intention!

I logged into a new version of the Linked In app, read the text that they promised not to contact anyone without my prior consent, thought that was good and clicked continue - upon which they sent 150 emails for me! I stepped thoroughly in that trap, where they trick you by letting "Continue" mean "Steal my address book and send email to every person in it", OR was it all my contacts, and their contacts, and their contacts contacts from the linkedin network, as it seams?

Apparently not the first time this happened, I found some interesting reading at

My apologies!
If you feel - like I do - this is bad behavior by Linked In, please tell their customer support!

UPDATE: Finally found how to recall invitations - now I just need to make 409 recalls manually, to prevent those of you whom I don't know personally (like mail lists, support address, unknown people...) to receive reminders because you did you answer the first invitation:

UPDATE2: Got contact with linkedin customer support in just one day, hooray!

*** Normal Short Summary ***

IT Specialist with broad experience in all aspects of IT operations in small and middle-sized companies. Assignments include IT Operations Management and Config Management, and I have a strong interest in DevOps and automating repetitive tasks to focus on the fun things, which often means the productive things. Also interested in IPv6 and Internet of Things, and much more...

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Config management in a project with fully automated

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