Peter P. Le

Job function
I.T. Specialist - Data Architect - Solution Architect
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Years of experience
10+ years
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A seasoned projects and programs management professional with twenty years of experience in the private sector (LPL Financial, Pfizer, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Consulting Services, Citi Residential Lending), Peter's focus and expertise have been in the areas of data-driven, information and data management systems. Peter joined the Department of Defense's DMDC as IT Specialist, Solution Architect, Technical Services.

Peter began his career by managing large scale, complex and high volume data warehouse systems and applications for major semiconductor manufacturers (Motorola and AMD). Followed by more business-focused systems (Demands Planning, Financial Planning systems for Dell and IBD, Risk management system for Citi Lending). Then Peter took on a role as Senior Consultant for Enterprise Services at Microsoft Corporation supporting clients such as Flextronic, First American or Moduslinks.

After attained his MBA degree and spent a short time teaching and engagements abroad, Peter was back working as sub contractor in projects with focus on financial analytic such as LPL Financial (the largest Independent Broker-Dealer in wealth management), clinical trials & analytic at Pfizer Inc (a major pharmaceutical manufacturer), marketing and customer analytic at Sony Entertainment, sales analytic at Cepheid (a medium manufacturer in Life Science industry) or human capital analytic at Toshiba America.

In many of his work, the common themes have been better usage of corporate information for the advancement of profits, sales, human capital or reduction of risks, of time spent or resources used in creating, generating metrics, reports. Examples of those were financial analytic reports at LPL, customers analytic reports at Sony or compliance reports at Pfizer. The work often involves high level or degree of data analysis, data modeling, data architect, system analysis and management.