Petr Klučka

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Business & Enterprise Architect
Company size
501-1,000 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Jun 2017,
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Experience Areas: Solution/Enterprise Architecture, System Integration, Fault and Disaster Tollerant Design, Network topology and Traffic, Capacity Planning, DB and OS Performance Tunning, Advanced Database Design, Analysis/Design/Test, Object Oriented/Component Development, MIS/DSS (KPI, KRI, KM, Analysis of unstructured data, Datamining), ReversEng.

Goals roles: PRG/ANA, DBA, PM, Pre/Sales, Line Manager, Consultant, Architect
Modelling tools: PowerDesigner - Sybase, ARIS - SAG, EA - Sparx, ArchiMetric - VisualParadigm
Appliacation Areas: Portals, aCRM, ERP, BI, DWH, BPM/WF, ESB
Other skills: Creative & Visual presentations, 3D Graphics design

- cert.: IPMA, UML
- non cert.: Zachmann, TOGAF, ArchiMate®, BMC, BSC, ABC, Cobit, ITIL
- softskills: Pain Chain, SPIN, Emotional Intelligence

Hobby: Digital photography, RC Models