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About me

I am working as a security analyst in the WEB application security as well as network security which includes manual and automated .Web application vulnerability assessment (dynamic scan) penetration testing, advanced penetration testing, Network vulnerability assessment & penetration testing

Hands on Experience :
=> Network penetration testing
=> IP testing
=> Web application security and VAPT (manually)
=> Metasploit Frame Work
=> WIFI Hacking and mitigation
=> Recovery of deleted data (forensics)

* Perform exploit,vulnerability and penetration assessment that identify current and future internal and external security vulnerability.
* Defines baseline security configuration for operating system across multiple platforms.
Review security logs of various devices to perform analysis and forensic methodology.
* Network vulnerability assessment (using Qualysguard ) And network audit.
* Reverse engineering,static and dynamic analysis,memory analysis &offering mitigation suggestion for the reported malware.

Security skills-----
TOOLS:: metasploit framework,IBM APPscan, ZAP ,Burp ,web scarab ,Nexpose ,aircrack-ng suite,acunetix , Nessus

Application security- mobile application security,flash security,fuzz testing,Basic exploit development