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About 1 month ago
@Mark Francome  I have worked using the configuration you have suggested. The Citrix I have worked on was restricted for any data movement between control-m and my workstation. As a result it was hard to smoothly generate reports, create workflows snapshots and so no. Of…
About 2 months ago
Personally, I would prefer an unlimited licence. It would give a warranty that you won't hit the wall in moment of reaching license boundaries.   
About 2 months ago
I agree with @Shlomi Kotv. It depends on your long-term infra development plan.  If you plan to go into the private or public cloud also automation software should go there as well.  In another case, you start facing losses in many fields beginning from bigger processing…
Over 1 year ago
Sometime ago I have preapring a comparison matrix of workload automation tools. Control-M is one of top schedulers it is very up to date regarding cutting-edge technologies with one con - it is a fat client.  It is not web-based so you need to install client on every…
Almost 3 years ago
lack of status driven agent monitoring
Almost 3 years ago
affirmative about challenges which should be picked up to improve the support and user experience.