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Starting my career as a teacher of IT Studies, I moved into data management and held positions with responsibility for Information Strategy & Management, Risk & Performance Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence. I was head hunter to join DigiBlu from EY where I was a Senior Manager Robotics and led automations for banks in Namibia and SA (Nedbank Wealth). With DigiBlu, I have now experienced the entire ROM lifecycle, from demand management to RPA operations. As DigiBlu’s lead trainer I have instructed Robiquity developer Bootcamps (having been trained in the UK) I am currently the lead supervisor on an Academy for another leading retail bank, where candidates were accredited within 6 weeks of coming off Bootcamp. These skills and experience that I possess will be an added significant benefit to any organization wishing to grow and accredit their teams. I am a team lead with exceptional people skills.