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Security around protocols supported and what's not supported that relates to security, i.e. FIPS, etc. What OSes and databases are supported; for capacity planning and clustering support. What technologies can be monitored.
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CA Service Desk Manager

About me

Fullhouse Technologies, LLC ("FHTECH") provides reliable, secure, and cost-effective IT Infrastructure Management Services including Enterprise Service Management, Business Optimization, Application Development, Custom Integration, Database Management, Disaster Recovery, and Training to enterprises and partners across the U.S. Our expertise in end-to-end network monitoring services: including network devices, servers, applications, database, cloud, storage, and virutalization frees up companies from having to worry about the different aspects of effective IT Management. We also specialize in Data Management for USACE/FEMA Operation Blueroof. All this ensures that business-critical systems and applications are always available.

Product Implementations:
CA UIM (formerly Nimsoft Monitoring System) (2000+ consulting hours)
CA CSM (formerly Nimsoft Service Desk)
CA Service Desk Manager
CA eHealth
CA Spectrum
Solarwinds Network Performance Manager

Product Development:
Blueroof Desktop Pro

Development Skill Set:
C/C++, VB/VBScript/VB.NET, Lightswitch
JavaScript, Perl, LUA Script
DBMS: Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments