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11 months ago
There is no single-most important aspect, but here are a few to consider as being absolute requirements. Intrusion protection: I've seen break-ins from bad actors on the outside, who stole intellectual property for whatever purpose, including, but not limited to the sale…
11 months ago
Without knowing much about Seqrite, I can offer this advice: 1. Request (2) loaners for you to test out. Any sales team worth their salt will agree to this simple request, especially if it's going to be 30 days or less. 2. Use a Penetration and Vulnerability tool so you…
11 months ago
Without knowing the applications your users are accessing and the file transfers you are seeing, I would need to ask how much bandwidth you are consuming. Bulky, chatty applications with a lot of file transfer can be throughput intensive, so a good start is to look at your…