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4 months ago
Actually, the coming free with Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise is the most attractive attribute of BitLocker.  Also, BitLocker doesn't deal with any version upgrade that reduces maintenance efforts otherwise. While the plus is, BitLocker's memory/process requirement with lesser…
7 months ago
Microsoft Bitlocker comes free with Windows but it lacks a full-fledged GUI, i.e. those users without command-line experience will find it difficult to use. Also, the recovery key files are to be kept as plain text as unencrypted (not safe).  However, because of simplicity,…
7 months ago
Beware to make backup of useful data, then use reverse decryption policy from Symantec panel/McAfee ePO to decrypt the DE partitions while it is sometimes more straightforward and faster to reinstall the machine(s) all over from scratch (especially for mechanical hard drives…