Richard Benfatto

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Networking Security Expert
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1-10 Employees
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10+ years
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SR Technologies
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Highly experienced tech sales engineer, business development manager and key account manager with a solid and consistent track record of notable wins in highly competitive segments despite entrenched market challenges and product limitations.
Pioneered the introduction of millimetre wave equipment in the 60Ghz band in 2006. In addition introduced DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) in railways, transportation projects. Responsible for obtaining the PPP train contract utilizing Sencity Rail antennas for covering cellular and wireless frequencies in one resonator and partnering with Microlab FXR in USA for combining these services.
Introduced IoT to TAFE SWSi in 2012 with equipment from Libelium (Spain) consisting of radio systems supporting WiFi, Zigbee and cellular in conjunction with sensors for UV light, CO2 detection in the Diploma of Network Security at the Lidcombe campus.

Having spent a brief period sharing my industry expertise in vocational education and change project management, I am now poised to return to my core area of expertise in tech sales and convergent technologie

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Managed full ICT solutions for accountancy firm including