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In principle you’re right “Converged Infrastructure relies on hardware, whereas Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is software-based”. But there are further advances for software management of containers, VMs, storage, and networks within a single architecture. As a Red Hat…

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After 20 years in consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the World Bank focused on value enhancement programmes, the development of business strategies and decision support frameworks; and 18 years of successfully driving billions of real-time decisions for telecoms transactions through our TeleDynamicX product range, it’s clear that today’s enterprises will win or fail depending on their ability to underpin their business strategies with digital-first strategies.

As technology innovations continue to create new economic drivers that provide the ability to capture, transform and store data faster and cheaper than ever before, as well as the ability to layer real-time analytics and machine learning to build new product and service delivery mechanisms, enterprises that don’t have digital-first strategies risk falling behind. Enterprises that don’t have any digital strategy may never catch up.

With this in mind in 2013 we set out to leverage these technology innovations to enhance our TeleDynamicX product range and reached out to the market to identify an integrated platform to kick start our solution development – but found none. In 2015, after 2 years of research, I co-founded Syncrasy Ltd together with my Data-Guru son Gavin, to build the missing platform. Today, Syncrasy’s technologies drive modern data centric solution developments in telecoms, finance, shipping, retail and underpins many IoT opportunities.

We’re proud to say that Syncrasy is simply the world’s most advanced, pre-engineered and agile digital transformation platform available, allowing enterprises of all sizes and sectors to fast-track their data discovery journey and affordably leverage modern technologies to enhance their business strategies with digital-first strategies.