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7 months ago
It is a Microsoft product so it falls in line with our organization which primarily uses MS products. By using a BitLocker server we are using automatic unlock of the drives. When on our network, the first step a workstation takes is powering on and then calling for the…
8 months ago
An additional comment that Zerto has a Long Term Recovery option built in so you could eliminate Veeam. Basically we set up a storage array, assigned it a protected share, and created a Zerto repository on it. Now our back ups both short term  and long term are covered…
8 months ago
I like the review. I would add an additional feature comment that it is not hardware dependent so you can use it on any brand or model you have.
12 months ago
The benefits of virtualization are many;: from being able to run more virtual machines on a single piece of hardware to easier consolidated management of VM's. Running and managing virtual machines is easier and more cost effective. Options of VMware and Hyper-V offer…
About 1 year ago
Answered a question: What is VDI?
VDI uses a server solution for virtual desktops. This way the horsepower needed to run applications comes from the server-side and not the client-side. This enables a couple of main things: a similar desktop experience for the end-user no matter where they are and what…
About 1 year ago
I think the most important things a business should consider first is the importance of the system in question. If it is mission critical then consider an offsite DR location. Money would need to be spent on the application performing the backup and the bandwidth to the DR…
About 1 year ago
I read all of the previous answers and agree that both Nimble and Pure and solid options. Pure is definitely more expensive. Both products will grow as need grows. Our organization chose Nimble because it was more cost effective for our growth rate. Sorry to make your choice…
About 1 year ago
Zerto is not the least expensive alternative to software replication, but it is reliable and easy to use.
About 1 year ago
I use a combination of tools for cost benefit, cross platform, and ability to restore. Since we are a Microsoft house the DPM product works well for hourly/daily indexed backup points and is included in our license structure. The nice thing about DPM is the indexing of…

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