Rodrigo Ramele

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Mobile Lead Engineer
Company size
201-500 Employees
Tech Services Company
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10+ years
Since May 2018,
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What do I have:

- Hands-On Mentality.
- Flexibility.
- Team Player.
- Research-Oriented Approach to Problem-Solving.

Particularly interested in
- Brain Computer Interfaces
- Assistive Robotics
- Mobile and Embedded Software
- Automation and Control
- Bioengineering
- Information Security
- Software Architecture

Specialties: Cryptography, Open Source, Software Architecture, Robotics, Linux embedded systems, Automation, Mobile, Security

What I've done?
- Financial Applications: Ecommerce, Payment Gateways (POS), Homebankings, IVR apps
- Security: Cryptodevices, HSM programming, PCI-DSS compliance architecture, PKI Manager, Information Security Application Developer, Enterprise Information Security Architecture.
- Enterprise Integration: REST-ing.
- Mobile: digital magazines, mobile banking, OpenCV. Native apps, hybrid apps, multiplatform mobile apps (e.g. Cordova), Cloud Mobile (Azure WAMS) apps.
- Embedded: Medical applications, Spirometers, biosignals, EMG/EEG
- Automation: Robotic Manipulator Control, PLC, SCADA.

What I am? What can I do?
I can contribute as a Solution Architect, as a Developer, as a Researcher, but I can also help building teams, selling services, managing innovation and working on challenging projects or products.

My techie footprint: Java, Ruby, C#, .NET, Cloud, JQuery, Javascript, NodeJS, Tornado, R, Go, Dart, Scala, Julia, Matlab, Z10, iOS 8, Android, Kony, Rhomobile, Phonegap, Win32, Unix C, Bash, GIT, SVN, Bitbucket, ASP4 MVC, ARM, Beagleboard, RaspberryPI, Arduino UNO, NitrousIO, OpenGL, Latex, Appstore, Q10, Assembler, Bytecode, OpenCV, DSP, bla bla bla... Take a look to my Git profile at