•Analyzing the Trace Logs, Queries Specifications and design

720 people affected
4 people managed
28 month project

Project Description

•Analyzing the Trace Logs, Queries Specifications and design for finding any ambiguity, incompleteness or incorrectness, so that Replication are technically feasible. •Designed the technical specification & involve in reviewing coding for offshore team. •Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus programs required to retrieve data using cursors and exception handling. •Taking ownership of fixing blocked issues (TX/TM contentions) and defects during replication, regression and Production. •Have worked on Oracle Service Requests related to Configuration. •Disk Space checking for all databases, tablespaces, archive log destinations, dump destinations, and backup destinations. •All backup successfully finished or not. • Daily database backup monitoring. Backup validation (to restore at testing database). • Alert.log checking for any critical errors. • Installing Oracle software. Creation of database. • Monitoring database Replication with STREAMS. • Starting up and shutting down the database. • Schema management (User creation, Password Reset, Grant-access).


under budget
upgrades db 11g to 12c,& tech


equipment incompatibility
streams replication to goldeng
memory size.

Technical Skills Used

  • Oracle DBA
  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle Streams Replication

Technical Certifications Used

  • ITSM management
  • ITIL Operations
  • ServiceNow Tool
  • Pune (IN)18.519673.8553
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