Satyajit Roy

Job function
UX Architect
Company size
51-200 Employees
Software R&D Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since May 2017, Satyajit Roy's postings have been viewed 164 times on IT Central Station.

11+ years of relevant working experience with varied roles in Product management UX, Usability and Interaction Design, HFI Certified Mobile Usability & User Experience. 7+ yrs working in UX Product Lead, in product base company, 2 yrs Architect Role and 7+ yrs of broad experience of people management roles

• Setting up UX Product Group helped us win a project bid on UX capability for $12,000
• Proposed New Design Strategy and wireframe & Visual design for JIO-VVNOC project eliminated 8 resource-intensive screens.
• Develop Product Custom Control Library for Web & Mobile Apps saving the company $17,000 a year
• created near to use the prototype of application, resulted in 45% improvement in product delivery and usage efficiency.
• Successfully implement “SUS & NPS “as part of post Customer Engagement helps increase revenue by 1.2%

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Reliance JVNOC

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