Shamree Howard, International MBA

Job function
Field Marketing Manager
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Shamree likes to make things happen and drive everything around her. She can be quite inventive, and is a direct, results-oriented person. She is at her best when planning ahead and launching those plans into action. Shamree has high energy and is always striking out in a forward direction. She enjoys getting things done. She is a natural manager and finds herself in command through her ability to plan and keep both long and short-term objectives clearly in mind.

Seen by most people as outgoing, flexible and fearless, Shamree can rise to meet any challenge. She strives energetically to ensure the well-being and happiness of her loved ones, operating from a strong position of protectionism. Her communication style is honest, direct and to the point and she prefers others to be similarly candid with her.

Shamree's work style is down-to-earth, assertive and persuasive. Shamree can turn her talents to many jobs, but finds more satisfaction from work that allows her to use her creativity and interpersonal skills. Shamree is alert to changing situations and will act quickly to get results,
giving direction or instructions to others as she thinks is necessary.

Shamree is self-reliant and is not frightened to take the path of maximum resistance in her efforts to produce the best results. Shamree finds problems stimulating and is ingenious in tackling complex situations. She is driven to think up many alternatives for a project or system due to her ability to constantly see the big picture. She is happiest in a role which allows her to exercise her ingenuity to tackle one project after another.

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