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Almost 2 years ago
Hi Nawazish, I have worked with both products. I strongly recommend Oracle Enterprise Linux. The reasons are as follows : 1. Oracle Enterprise Linux has some key features which are suitable for running enterprise class workloads. KSplice is one of such key…
About 3 years ago
Oracle Linux has evolved as a true enterprise Linux for enterprise-class loads. It has everything Red Hat has plus few additional features. There are key enterprise-class features like ksplice, dstrace etc, however, your decision should consider technical and business…
Over 4 years ago
Managing PostgreSQL and Developing applications on PostgreSQL are two very different activities. If you are looking for a low cost open source option for managing PostgreSQL then I would suggest Nagios. For development of applications on PostgreSQL, you have many options…


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Almost 2 years ago
Operating Systems (OS) for Business
About 3 years ago
Operating Systems (OS) for Business