Job function
Senior System Engineer
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years
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After getting my degree in Informatics Management and Support I started working for Fortis AG as a Junior Account manager at the Pension-funds department. This is not where my interests were, so I started a few months later at the VRT as a Junior System engineer.
I gained a lot of experience in the following fields:the whole server 2003/2008 environment with AD, DFS, Exchange 2010, TSM, 3PAR, ...
After 4 years I became a Senior System Engineer and my focus is in the big picture of storage, back-up and virtualization. For the moment I work on a daily base with the HP EVA, HP X9000, 3PAR (T400 and StoreServ7000), EMC NAS, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and VMWare technologies, but it is very well possible other technologies in the same technological area's will become common knowledge to me in the near future.

Areas with well trained knowledge: Windows Server 2003/8/12, Active Directory 2003/8, HP EVA, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, 3PAR (incl HP StoreServ 7000), EMC NAS, HP X9000, RSA, Radius, Acronis, Exchange 2010 and Office365

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