Third party dashboard creation for Goldengate

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Project Description


OP is a comprehensive management and monitoring product that complements Oracle’s GoldenGate real-time data integration functionality. OP improves monitoring and data issue resolution, saving significant time by notifying DBA’s where data migration failures have occurred at the data-line level. This means that DBA’s require less expertise and technical skills when Golden Gate is used in combination with OP.

Organisations can save significantly on their Support budget through a cost-effective licensing model in comparison to GoldenGate monitoring when compared with using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).


Customers with a GoldenGate and GoldenGate for Big Data license can deploy OP Management and Monitoring Console.

Solution Overview

OP is a comprehensive suite of tools, functions and monitoring technology that reduces the expertise required to operate, manage and support GoldenGate.

The OP Console includes:

  • A simplified management console for Goldengate implementation for across the complete enterprise.
  • GoldenGate process monitoring, Administration Management, and Troubleshooting capability in a GUI console without using elaborate GoldenGate CLI commands.
  • A modern development paradigm using REST API for centralized Cloud Monitoring and management.
  • A privilege-based secure GUI access to the Goldengate deployment, thus avoiding any direct server access. The central console is designed for remote installs/upgrades/one-off patching with built-in data comparison capability.

For further information please contact the OP Distributor GoldenGate Monitoring with One Place for a demo or to download a Whitepaper

Lessons Learned

We are working on a pre-built solution that will allow on-premise to cloud migration to Azure, AWS or Oracle Cloud with pre-configured settings allowing rapid set up and operation with pre-connectors to the cloud type that the source is targeted to.


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Technologies Used

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