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Over 1 year ago
just used the REST connector for an API in the load script...worked excellent!
Over 3 years ago
ETL = Extract, Transform and Load. Extract from any database, Transform the Data to an understandable and useful format and then "either" load a database with the results or load the data into the actual software to use. QlikView does this along with all the many other…
Over 3 years ago
We are using Qlikview and reviewing QlikSense now that you only need one license CAL for both We really like Qlik It is very scalable (can handle big data) Qlik purchased Nprinting which is the automated emailing side It also includes Publisher which automates the…
Almost 5 years ago
To add to Sajid's response. NPrinting is for Automated reporting or export for file sharing, etc. We use it to make the CSV files that are used with the interface to our web site. Nprinting will automate all the exporting of mashed up files that need to go to the web…
Almost 5 years ago
We have used QlikView for 3 years. It is the most flexible reporting tool that I have ever used. Pros: You can connect to virtually anything. Once the connection is in place, create QVD's (clean databases) to work from so you don't have to keep touching the SQL or other…
About 5 years ago
I evaluated Tableau, but did not purchase it. I have not used Jaspersoft. So I can’t be of help with this question, but if there are questions about QlikView I have implemented and am using QlikView currently. We have had the software for about 3 years. It is one of the…

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