Benchmarked solution for 7 million users

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3 month project

Project Description

Tested and benchmarked a server solution to cater to 5000 simultaneous users. We built a messaging server for OTT mobile messaging a la Whatsapp. We built this on a combination of Dot-Net and SQL Server, Java, Hive, Jetty, Redis and RabbitMQ.

We simulated 5000 simultaneous users having conversations at the rate of 40 messages a day for an entire day. The entire user base was 7 million, so users would start and drop conversations.

Conversations were largely stateless, with user state for all 7 million users maintained in a Redis instance. All services were deployed dynamically on AWS servers.


ahead of schedule
support from colleagues


steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • Redis
  • Java
  • Load Testing
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