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Head of Product Division
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Tech Services Company
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10+ years
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19years of overall experience and worked with MNC like Oracle,Cgey,Mphasis etc and also involved in Entrepreneurial venture,Business Development. Passion for technology, products,incubation. Roles played Sr Architect, Sr consultant,principal consultant, manager etc.

• Enterprise applications on J2EE/Java API and Frameworks like Spring-Boot Spring-MVC, ,WebFW JSF2, Angular3,JHipster Yeomen, Docker,Reactive based FW like React RxJava,Akka etc.

• Involved in project in various capacities as Senior Consultant, Project Lead/Tech-Mgr, Team-Lead, Project-Mgmt, WBS structure/Project Charter, SDLC methodologies like RUP.

Cloud paas baas oracle cloud OCS, jcs, platform9 with rancher, Know how of AWS. Oracle cloud oracle WebLogic as paas , cloudfoundry,pivotal.
Digital experience using integrated couchbase for massive scale flexibility NoSQL bigdata

• BPM Solutions implementation using tools like Oracle BPM,Activity etc. Messaging using AMQP compliant providers,ESB like Mule,Fusion,WLI etc.

Business Domain :SI,BFSI, Engineering manufacturing etc.

interested in cutting edge technology, reserach, Coe etc