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Robotic Process Automation for Customer Service Solution

Project Description

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Customer Service Solution For A Leading BFS Company

Challenges - 

1. Manual processing of service requests:
To automate the manual processing of customer service requests that was tedious, lengthy, and time-consuming

2. Increased quantum of service load:
To automatically sort and analyze data from the existing CSR system and improve turn-around-time in responding to customers. There was an increase in the workload for which the client wanted to automatically sort and analyze data from the existing CSR system and improve turn-around-time in responding to customers.


Datamatics implemented its Robotic Process Automation solution, TruBot, along with Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

It facilitated in:

1. Service request process automation - TruBot automates and streamlines the complete process of responding to customer service requests.

2. Auto-download - It downloads, extracts, and interprets data enabling the client to categorize and evaluate customer data.

3. Error-free Report & Analysis - TruBot converts the data from one system to another in an automated framework thus
eliminating the scope of errors making the data 100% accurate.

4. Prompt Updates
It tracks and responds to customer requests as well as updates them automatically in the customer service record system.

Download Case Study -> RPA For Customer Service Solution for a leading BFS Company Case Study


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    error free data & analysis


    manual processing
    tme -consuming


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