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Over 3 years ago
I have worked on both, I kind of agree and disagree with the first repsonse, Both are very stable databases, I work currently on Oracle, and have worked for 20 years on DB2 on I-series and S38. Both have its place, it is totally dependant on your requirement. However DB2…
Over 5 years ago
Is there any reason you not looking at other ERP software solutions? What is the size of the organisation? What is the expectation for the stakeholders? And how many users we have to consider? Also what is the client currently using as this will determine implementation…
About 6 years ago
what is your current ERP system in place or dont you have one, what is your total requirement, is it just for the modules above or must the software supply you with Financials and SCM and the full ERP functionality .
Almost 7 years ago
Answered a question: SAP ERP or Dynamics AX?
Hi I have not compared SAP and Microsoft, you could look at Oracle's JD Edwards,


Almost 7 years ago
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