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Hi, As requested by Evgeny, my 2 cents. Nowadays "Password" are still needed. They should be kept in a vault in order to copy/paste them with some kind of security feeling. Mandatory in IT with compliancies and good thing at home. Tomorrow maybe endusers would have a…



About me

More than 15 years of experience in IT for diverse and varied clients in France and Luxembourg, specialized more particularly in OpenSource and Enterprise Middleware, I have often played the role of integrator of Dev needs and Production's pre-requisites.

In a world where "Cloud Computing" is constantly changing speed, my questioning is constant, which has earned me the privilege to be engaged in micro-services quite early in Europe.(~2014).

Once I had my finger in the gears of micro-services and CNCF solutions, I was able to compare and implement different “Platform As-A-Service” solutions such as OpenShift, Vanilla Kubespray, Konvoy, Rancher, or else again IBM, Amazon or Azure and thus put it into Production in Private and Public Clouds.

Above all, not stopping at the infrastructure layer, the rise in the application layers is natural to me, analyzing the added value to services around these Platforms.

Today at EBRC, thanks to my field experiences, I play the role of conciliator between the application and the internet, between the Developement and Production needs under PSF and PCI-DSS constraints supporting our Clients in their transformation.

Current Scope : New client with DevOps needs
- Dedicated PaaS setup and SaaS integration
- CDI workflow

CV : https://www.doyoubuzz.com/sylvain-dejardin