T Macul

Job function
Pre-Sales/System Architect
Company size
5,001-10,000 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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Bachelor of Computer Sciences,

Currently working at a Global IT Managment Solution provider in the Presales area and delivery.

Solid education and technical and functional expertise in systems development and customization.

Experienced in coordinating projects and people.

Experienced in various enterprise areas and business processes, from planning to accounting, in different industries.

Knowledge in strategic planning, senior management skills, good sales and enterprise customers relationship.

Leadership skills, teamwork and can-do approach in Pre-sales and Product Management and system architect.

Participation as speaker at customer presentations;

Specialties: Business development, general management, Negotiations skills, Team building, Projects Management, Strategy planning, Business Intelligence, pre-sales.

_ CA Service Desk Manager
_ CA IT Asset Manaer
_ CA Software Management
_ CA Business Intelligence
_ CA Process Automation
_ CA Client Automation (ITCM) / CA Server Automation
_ CA Unified Self-Service
_ CA Embedded Entitlements Manager
_ CA Service Catalog
_ CA Cloud Service Management
_ CA Spectrum IM
_ CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)
_ SAP Business Objects
_ MS SQL Server
_ Jasper
_ Microsoft .NET vb/C#

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
CA Asset Manager



CA ITAM 2016

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