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About 1 month ago
@it_user202749 I have to add a few topics to this.Most of all, large block sizes only help in regards of throughput, but not IOPS. The more IOPS you want to get, the smaller the blocks have to be. A modern Flash Array is usually optimized for 32k Blocksize which is the…
About 1 month ago
Flash changed the whole way to address storage in the first place. And of course, being able to use components, that are not measured in hours lifetime but instead in write access makes it possible to use these far longer than three or five years. Flash Storage systems make…
About 1 month ago
Thick and Thin does make a´that much difference with All Flash Arrays nowadays, because the system realize "free" space and won´t use it in physical due to zero detection features and UNMAP.BUT: There still are systems out there, wich have a performance impact with thin…