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10 months ago
For cost and capabilities, it' Looker. I've used many softwares and this one seems have the best security, features and ease of use for the end user. 
Almost 3 years ago
the best tool I have found is Pentaho. For the price, it meets everything Informatica does the learning curve to start is about 3 weeks

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Using Pentaho to ETL and build massive Warehouses

Used SSIS, I ETL data from Oracle, MS Sql, and Postgresql to build the following warehouses
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I have designed these warehouses using Ralph Kimball' design.

In the past, I've been a Project Manager, a Business Analyst Sr. DBA (Data Base Analyst), Lead BI, all of these help me in the design and build of our warehouses and Marts

SSRS MS Reporting Services
SSIS SQL Server Integrated Services
Functions, Stored Procs
Pentaho, Mondrain Cubes