Job function
Director of Data Analytics
Company size
11-50 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years

Commercial Director with Visokio, the developers of Omniscope; innovative interactive data assembly, transformation, visualisation, reporting and publishing BI solutions anyone can use. Visokio Omniscope solutions can span both desktop and servers, importing from almost any existing data sources via an integrated, visual drag-and-drop ETL data set assembly scrubbing and transformation DataManager workspace. The resulting 'pristine' file-based in-memory data set is compact and portable, with a multi-tab, multi-view DataExplorer interactive presentation interface. Omniscope enables anyone to automatically (and repeatedly) import, integrate, visualise, analyze, distribute, publish, present, and refresh large data sets to practically any device interactively in highly-visual 'dashboards' and 'infographic' presentations. Connectors for to a wide and growing variety of 'cloud' sources and repositories, with powerful independent and ESRI-linked mapping, plus 'big data' analytics capability via 'round-trip' integration with R and its Hadoop extensions. Omniscope is free to try:

Specialties: Specialist in data management and BI reporting architectures and tools, especially interactive online data analysis and publishing solutions, e.g. development of highly scalable, data-analysis intensive 'hybrid' solutions, that are web services-enabled and deployable to almost any device.

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