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6 months ago
Hi Sheila,  OpenText is seen as a Records Management leader. SharePoint is not. However, it depends on what you need, and how you're using the records, etc.  Now I am actually the local RCMP Block Watch captain for my block (and the adjoining block next to our school!),…
Almost 2 years ago
Although we have no direct experience implementing Magnolia or dotCMS, our technical team likely could figure it out fairly quickly. Both are known to be simple to deploy. However, both are open source and are therefore free. Implementation costs, if you use an outside…
About 5 years ago
Yes, this is a typical approach and scenario for most companies. Most use it for document management, and team sites. However, more and more are using it for their enterprise intranet portal.
Almost 7 years ago
We will have to wait and see. The first sneak preview doesn't hit for two months, in early May.
About 7 years ago
Correct on both accounts. Every software solution has pros and cons. Fortunately with SharePoint 2013, there are far more pros than cons.
Over 7 years ago
Drupal and LIferay are not at all similar; akin to comparing apples and oranges. Drupal is a social community platform designed primarily for external Internet scenarios. Liferay is an enterprise portal solution primarily designed for internal intranet scenarios. There are…
About 8 years ago

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