Walter Kuhn

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Job function
ICT Architect
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Mar 2017,
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I prefer going new ways in IT by introducing ideas w.r.t. software engineering, digitalisation, and creative IT management and see how they are working to generate some value.
Personal interests in
- Big Data
- Mobility
- Internet of Things
- integration of systems based on topics such as BPM, EAI, Webservices, mobile applications

Specialties: Wide range of IT-Architecture experiences, starting with hardware and ITIL processes, up to processes in certain vertical areas (life insurance, logistics, e-gov). However, major spot is on software architecture, development and methodological topics.
- IT Architect for a multi tenant multi vendor integration project with IBM MQ at IGS
- Head of Center for Business Engineering (HWZ)
- Senior IT Architect and Senior Project Manager for Siemens BIC (Zurich)
- Lead IT Architect for Swiss Life, Head of Department "architecture and development support"​
- IT Architect for CSC, head of team "architecture"
- Computer Scientist for Novarits Services - Electronic Libraries
- Teaching assistent at University Basel (parallel systems and technical computer science)
- Helpdesk for CIBA Geigy