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Yes! Also, I find the "Screenshot" feature to be helpful. I use it to verify printouts. Printouts in my GUI are based on classes that produce the page markings. A common print class generates the hard copy. I have a "test mode" switch that substitutes a screen dialog in…

About me

I have a depth of experience in a number of engineering management activities. I have worked as a system designer in hardware and software. Here are some of the disciplines in which I have been a major contributor:
SAN Storage Systems, a Solid State Electro-Optic Camera System, Gyroscope Test Station Software, Electronic Phototypesetting Equipment.
Here are some of the tools that I have learned and used:
Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows, C, C++ Java, VHDL, Xilinx ISE, HTML, Windows Office with emphasis on Word, Excell and Access.

Specialties: Engineering management, design of mixed-disipline systems, hardware and software, logical analysis, documentation.

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