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Almost 2 years ago
I felt the need to, again, make some remarks. Left out of the discussion is the question of which architecture is planned for use and what OSes as guests. In the past, Intel CPU on the x86 ISA has been used merely, but that landscape is rapidly shifting. There is a big…
Almost 2 years ago
Apart from the question of which hypervisor to use, it boils down to the quality of the network adapters, switching capacity and CPU lanes your proc supports. Checksum offloading is another important topic. If all is done well I measured performance gains with Xen Hypervisor…
About 2 years ago
I run XenServer for more than five years with zero downtime for the VM instances. A very solid environment.
About 2 years ago
Indeed XenServer starts at virtually no costs at all and reasonable fees for enterprise support. Besides that, it supports a lot of powerfull backends like Dell/EMC and has nice options for test setups where no license is needed.




About 2 years ago
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