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Launched a Wiki and Workflow platform with Enterprise Social Network
Launched a Wiki and Workflow platform completed with Enterprise Social Network.  Confluence, the Wiki, serves as... more»
Learning Administration System (LAS) for a European Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Learning Administration System (LAS) implementation for a European Aircraft Manufacturing Company. Solution that... more»
Atlassian Product Suite Deployment for SCRUM methodology adoption
Atlassian Product Suite Deployment - Deploying Atlassian Product Suite for Agile/Scrum Software Development and... more»
Project management
Microsoft EPM and JIRA Integration
PoC to Integrate JIRA issues with EPM (Microsoft Project Management) Main use cases: 1) When creating a new... more»
Departmental transformation
Departmental transformation, for when your IT department just isn't working the way it should:  - virtualisation -... more»
Migrated Quality Management System to Digital Platform
Migrated paper-based QMS to a digital platform to automate change control, simplify and speed up procedure creation... more»
Online appointment scheduling
Online Appointment Scheduling - Bookafy
Since 2014, I have been building Bookafy in an effort to bring value and change to the manual scheduling process... more»
Project management
Agile Transformation Project
Agile Transformation Project for a large Multi-National firm. Establishing processes for Agile Teams and working on... more»
Big data
Manage BI system
Manage and develop BI system
Project management
Application Life Cycle Management
Application Life Cycle Management - Obtain total costs of IT by allowing users to use the tools that they are... more»
Launch a FMCG transactional website in three months
Launch a FMCG transactional website in three months because of a hard stop with old website (black box) server... more»
Reliance JVNOC
Responsible for cross-platform UX design leadership, focusing on the overall Reliance JIO Visual NOC application,... more»
Project management
Bank Monitoring
Network Monitoring Application Monitoring Online Banking Monitoring

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Solutions Director at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Krunal rajendra akojwar li?1426660051
Testing Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Manager of IT Connectivity at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees

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IT Strategy & Change Consultant
Over the last five years I've supported the adoption of agile principles at portfolio/program and projects level and the redesign and optimization of applications services, architecture, integration and sourcing of a highly dynamic set of initiatives within the IT solutions for energy companies... more>>
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Picture will.gunadi
I solve data management problems for companies in various sectors of industry: Airline Travels, Energy Bill Management, Manufacturing, Commercial Printing/Publishing, Transportation and Logistics, Health Care, and Software Development. Specializing in building Data Warehouses, designing and... more>>
Emidio stani li?1414334295
I like to improve software development process but also searching the best solution for my clients. I do care about software quality and therefore design.
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Director of Client Success, Co-Founder
Co-Founder and Director of The Chat Shop. e: p: +4420 3567 1037
Add malikgraves pryor
In a nearly 16 year professional career I have amassed significant, hands-on, technology development, consulting, and management experience in a variety of established and start-up businesses, US-focused and International alike. Industries range from technology consulting, financial, digital... more>>

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