Netgate Questions

Rafahavelo Onja
User at FIU
Nov 14 2020

I'd like to deploy anti-spam protection using pfSense or SonicWall TZ. Can anyone help me out?


Dinesh Khot Khot
Manager - IT Infra at quant

I am researching firewalls. What is the difference between Sophos XG and pfSense? 

CristianoLimaBasically the major difference between Sophos XG Firewall and PFsense is that… more »
Ramyamahesh Nk
Regional Manager with 11-50 employees

I am trying to compare Sophos and pfSense for my company. Which one is best and why?

What is the biggest difference between Sophos and pfSense?

Thanks for helping me with this important decision.

Karl Hart, Acse, Ceh, Chfi, CissppfSense is just a basic firewall with VPN and Captive Portal functionality but… more »
reviewer241575With Sophos is easy to configure and you have the support from the frabicant… more »
Bob AlfsonIn fact, Karl, the 50-IP free version is for home use only, and not even then if… more »