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May 24 2017

What do you think of Quest One Identity Manager?

Valuable Features The data is easy to manipulate using SQL queries and commands. • Improvements to My Organization The product was initially brought in to replace an unsupported solution. Later on, it became a partner self-service portal, reducing service desk calls to create accounts for business partners. • Room for Improvement There are too many configuration interfaces. They could simplify the design to not require VB/PS coding to draw the workflows. • Use of Solution I have used this solution for three years. • Stability Issues The initial connection to the domain and LDAP trees was painful. However, once configured, it was stable. • Scalability Issues The product scaled well. We had approximately 8000 users at the time of implementation. • Customer...

Quest Software Questions

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We are looking at analyzing both products, from the points of: 1. Configuraitons 2. Customization 3. Support 4. Various client implementations Can you advice or suggest your opinion?

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Reviewed Quest ActiveRoles Server: It has very powerful native policies and scripts
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Reviewed Quest ActiveRoles Server: Offers automatic provisioning for multiple...

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