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Virtualization Project
To provide redundancy and increase speed for all levels of services BIS Computer Solution provides to its clients. This… more»
Sonarqube integration with bank Application
Sonarqube 4.0 integration with bank Application. The project was done mainly to give an overview to senior management… more»
As part of its long-term strategy, the Post Office outlined plans to modernise its business to become a modern, digital… more»
Consulting, sizing and implementing software-defined Storage (RedHat Gluster)
Consulting, sizing and implementing software-defined Storage (RedHat Gluster + HPE Apollo) A large health care… more»

Red Hat Questions

Nawazish Ahmad
System Administrator with 10,001+ employees
Feb 03 2020
I'm a sysadmin at a very large global enterprise. We are evaluating both Oracle and RHEL. What is the main difference between the two? Thank you for helping me. I appreciate it!
Shrikant NavelkarHi Nawazish, I have worked with both products. I strongly recommend Oracle… more»
Thierry BrouckeOracle Linux with little effort (adjustments) can enhance the Oracle DB… more»
MahdiBahmaniI have been working on both Linux (RHEL from RedHat and OLE from Oracle) in many… more»
Nurit Sherman
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Sep 04 2019
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Amazon AWS vs OpenShift. One user says about Amazon AWS, "It improves the speed for us to access vendors, etc."  Another user says about OpenShift, "There is no need to worry about service since Red Hat does it for us."In your… more»
Shivali AhujaAs per my personal experience, AWS is a very scalable Platform as a Service… more»
Bahaa FaroukI would second Shivali mentioned that AWS is more scalable PaaS and it terms of… more»
Conrad FernandesIt really depends on the use case. I have used both for different projects… more»
Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is RHEL vs SUSE Linux Enterprise. People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out? What is the biggest difference between RHEL And SUSE Linux Enterprise? Which of these two solutions would you… more»
MahdiBahmaniBoth distributions have similar pricing strategies. RHEL and SLES support many… more»
pwl0lwpFull disclosure: I am an employee of SUSE. I'd like to respond to something… more»
Armani LiaoIt really depends on the requirement of the business. All of linux… more»