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Soluciones de IP Opensource Buscando Ser un Carrier
Soluciones de IPPBX buscando portadora ONU Ser opensource de Voz y de Datos Nuestro segmento de Negocios es la… more»

Ubiquiti Networks Questions

Rhea Rapps
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Sep 17 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Aruba Wireless vs Ubiquiti WLAN. One user says about Aruba Wireless, " [It has] easy deployment of APs, MacCaching, and aesthetically pleasing GUI for configuration." Another user says about Ubiquiti WLAN, "[It is] best for SOHO… more»
Jacob GolickPersonally I like the Aruba. They can scale from small biz to large, controller… more»
Sue WayI would go for the Aruba every time. Well made and has great support for… more»
Joris Van den BerghAruba is an enterprise WLAN solution, Ubiquiti is a home use solution although… more»

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