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Device42 & ServiceNow CMDB

Updated MAY 2021

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Device42 review

Jeremy Rammalaere
Jeremy Rammalaere
Corporate Information Technology Manager at Supply Point
Seeing how things are connected, which server ports are plugged into which network...
One thing I have brought up with their product team, and we opened up a case and a feature request for it, is having a requisition-style system in the software. Right now it does have the ability to track purchases, which is okay. But I would like the ability to create a request and say, for example, I want a new server. The way that it...
ServiceNow CMDB review

Ian Hill
Ian Hill
Service Architect at IDH Consulting Limited
Easy OOB functionality with minimum setup required to replace MS Excel spreadsheets
The Out of the Box (OOB) functionality where you can manage the hardware, asset and the whole stock management is very useful to me. As soon as you buy some assets by raising a PO, you can actually track it in the toolsuite. The asset is manage through the whole stock management life cycle. Then the asset becomes a live CI out on the...

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